Equality and Diversity

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We identify that the focal point of equality and diversity is the willingness to acknowledge and honour the distinctive value, significance and potential in every person in front of us. Equality creates varied teams and groups of people, which make better decisions and create richer experiences for us all. 

Equality and diversity increase depth, breadth and creativity to both learning and teaching. Students are better trained for the world of work where diversity is normal, mutual respect is pivotal and team-working greatly valued.  They also reinforce an understanding of British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and common respect and acceptance of the beliefs and faiths.

Our core values express what the college stands for and how we will conduct ourselves as an organisation. The core values of JFC are:

·         We place learning and supporting students at the heart of everything.

·         We create opportunities for all to achieve.

·         We applaud creativity, innovation and responsiveness.

·         We celebrate difference and respect individualism.

·         We take collective responsibility for achieving our success.