Our Facilities



IT Suite/Resource Room

JFC realises the importance of technology in harnessing knowledge. It is with this intention that we have set up an IT division and invested in an extensive range of computer facilities at our campus: This means there is always a computer available when students need to do research, coursework or assignments. All computers provide essential applications as well as high-speed internet with access to email.  The college has an exceptional team of IT professionals who are ready to help students with any computer problems.



Recording Studio

JFC Training College believes in investing in top of the range facilities and equipment to deliver the best possible training for our learners. We take great pride in our recording studio, latest and up to date software and mixing equipment; our learner can boast of learning in a very professional atmosphere and also meeting the industry standards of equipment and software.




Classrooms are pivotal to the learning experience. At JFC there are a range of classroom facilities available on demand. This provides learners the opportunity to study individually and in groups outside designated ‘lesson time’. Technology such as computers, projectors and laptops are available to enhance the classroom learning experience.