Pastoral Care

The Pastoral Team at JFC College nurture and support the learners to ensure that they achieve more than they first thought possible. We are committed to finding every learner’s gift or talent and to support them to get the very most out of their education. Our smaller class sizes allow us to provide more personalised attention.

At JFC we are committed to ensuring that students are provided with the support to;

·         Be healthy

·         Stay safe

·         Enjoy and achieve

·         Make a positive contribution

·         Achieve economic well being

Tutor groups

It is JFC experience that all students feel secure and supported in all areas during their time with us. Our small size and personal approach means we know our students very well allowing us to understand them as people and help them to reach their goals. Each student has a team of supportive teachers working to help them fulfil their potential. The tutor is central in coordinating a holistic approach to each student's individualised learning programme and takes a particular interest in their progress throughout the year. Each student is a member of a tutor group and registers together and meets time to time for reviews.

The Pastoral Team work to support every learner’s academic and emotional development by working with parents and carers to support learner’s transition to next qualification and their ongoing experience at JFC College.