About Us

 JFC Training College Ltd is higher/further education institution offering students a wide range of high quality UK recognised qualifications.

Our mission is to be A trainer of excellence for excellence by being an outstanding and responsive college at the heart of learning in London and beyond.”

We provide a flexible, broad and challenging academic programme and individual attention to every student. The College offers Courses in ICT, GCSE, Business Management, Health Care and many more.

JFC Training College programmes are accredited by a number of UK recognized examining bodies; these are mentioned later in the prospectus. Our style and approach is interactive, enjoyable, intensely practical, highly adaptable and flexible to suit student’s needs.

It is our belief that for students to implement any new techniques or skills, they need to understand the benefits of using the learning and how to practically apply it to their day-to-day practices with confidence. To achieve this, we have designed our programmes to include a balance of theory, group and pair discussion, work placement (where appropriate), and one to one interaction with the trainer.

JFC Training College will stimulate and challenge you, enabling you to return to your organisation and/or country with new perspective and inventive new ideas for development and sharing with colleagues and for practical implementation.