ESOL Entry 3

Title ESOL Entry 3
Course Code
Course Type Fulltime/Parttime
Course Details This course is for students who can speak and write English moderately well. You will learn to take part in simple conversations in social situations. The lessons are friendly and you will be able to learn new words. You will improve your reading and writing skills and, if you are ready, take an Edexcel SfL ESOL Entry 3 Speaking and Listening exam in either the autumn or spring term. You will take your Edexcel SfL ESOL Reading and Writing exam in the spring term.
Course Content Courses include speaking and listening, reading and writing. In addition, you will learn to apply your language skills in different contexts, including: READING SKILLS: You will practise reading different types of texts, including newspapers, magazines, brochures, leaflets, advertisements, reports and narratives. WRITING SKILLS: We will give you practice and help in writing letters, articles, reports, notes, applications for jobs, and creative writing such as compositions and stories. GRAMMAR: All classes include content to help you improve your grammar. LISTENING SKILLS: You will have the chance to improve your listening skills in different situations e.g. recorded messages, commentaries, documentaries, instructions, news announcements, advertisements, speeches, stories and talks. SPEAKING SKILLS: There is a strong focus on developing your communication skills, including accuracy, fluency, range, pronunciation and intonation. You can practise speaking in pairs and groups in different situations. You will learn techniques to help you in the examinations.
Course Assessment Candidates at Entry level are tested for each of the core language skills of speaking and listening, reading and writing. They can achieve unit accreditation for each mode, or take a single mode qualification for Speaking and Listening. Assessment for each mode is via a paper-based test. The tasks have a pass mark of 66% and are not graded.
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