ESOL Entry 1

Title ESOL Entry 1
Course Code
Course Type Fulltime/Parttime
Course Details This course is aimed at developing your English skills at Entry Level 1. You will study Speaking and Listening, Reading and Writing in the context of everyday life so that you can successfully seek work, progress to further study and play your part in your community. This course provides training divided into speaking, listening, reading and writing, and you will be able to work at your own speed and level of ability.
Course Content Learners will be given tuition in speaking and listening skills, and grammar and vocabulary based on the ESOL Skills for Life Core Curriculum. The course will help you to speak and understand simple English and to communicate your needs, ideas and opinions in topics such as jobs, family, life, food, transport, entertainment, health etc. Every lesson you will be able to learn new grammar and vocabulary. You will work from reading texts to help you learn new words and to help you discuss your ideas. Audio materials will be used to help you understand English by listening to different voices. During the lesson you will be able to practise speaking and improve your pronunciation by following the teacher's model and by talking in pairs and doing role-plays with other students. You will also practise reading and writing, from simple sentences to longer texts like letters, postcards and notes. You will need to do homework after each lesson. The books, magazines, audio materials and computers in the Learning Centre will help you when you work by yourself. You can use the internet there too.
Course Assessment During the year you will have assignments and tests. We will also assess your class work regularly and give you feedback, so that you know what to do to improve your language skills.
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